School Bus Driver Training

All individuals interested in obtaining a Professional Illinois School Bus Driver Permit in Illinois must attend and pass an 8 hour Initial School Bus Driver Training class.  Individuals must be employed by a bus company or school district.

In accordance with Public Act 88-612, all Professional School Bus Drivers in Illinois holding a valid permit, must attend a 2-3 hour Refresher Class annually before their school bus driver permit can be renewed.

The Initial and Refresher Classes are administered in Peoria County by the Peoria ROE in accordance with the Illinois State Board of Education guidelines.  There are 11 Initial Training and 11 Refresher courses offered by the ROE each year.

Interested in School Bus Driver Training?

Participants for Initial and Refresher Bus Driver Training courses must be registered with the Peoria ROE prior to attending a course.

Please contact Matt Brown at (309) 672-6906 for scheduled dates and to receive a copy of the registration form.